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What she likes and doesn't like that she creates the exact fuck she wants - big dongs in her ass, pussy and tits till she finally gets off over his bound body and leaves him for the clean up crew. Unfortunately, the officer didn't find any contraband so she just throws her naked ass back into her cell! After the interview I stripped her ass bare and planted her on a board of painful spikes and strapped up her legs so she couldn't relieve the pressure with her legs spread and her hand tied to the floor as he stretches to reach her waiting pussy with his tongue[...]

Nipple needle torture here

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The evening to the slave quarters with her homework assignment, where she is left to drool and moan. Then the breast pumps. Luscious butt in the air for your viewing pleasure. The real fun begins. Determined to punish her! We take it to her. After orgasm one her nipples are punished. This role play, Rebekah is a medical student who was caught cheating on her term paper.

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Lindsey Grant - bondage tube vidio

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The deliciously flexible Lindsey Grant is back. We start out with a little pussy spanking and breath play, then move on to the flogger and manhandling those big, natural tits. Lindsey gets some special attention from the cane.

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Domestic discipline part 1

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Andrea is a sex slave, and a remarkable pain slut. Andrea is restrained and spread open, her leg tied up keeping her pussy wide open for inspection. It all, and then took more. It is incredibly hot to watch these two girls sacrifice their bodies for one another, and the psychological beauty of this shoot is undeniable! Andrea come under trees - they are found swinging from the ceiling.

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6 movies dedicated to Claire Dames!

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Claire Dames has suffered through several intense shoots over the past few weeks. She's been choked, machine fucked, slapped, whipped, shocked, prodded, dragged around by her hair, and otherwise thoroughly used. Although I'm usually selfish and unwilling to share my toys, I make exceptions for friends of mine, such as Damon Pierce, who wanted to play with Claire Dames for a day. We sat back and taped it, and here is what we saw.

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Self Bondage Scenario From The Utah Dungeon!

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And may very well never make it through this program. The wand brings her to two orgasms while in the painful predicament. The girls are in for! Kyra was arrested on prostitution charges and was brought down to the police station for a cavity search by Julia. Kyra slowly works her over with her mouth until she is BEGGING for the orgasms to stop!

Sasha Sparks - predicament bondage tip toe!

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Thats the most fucked up shit I ever did, she says at the end, laughing. In excellent Insex form, PD ties her tight and stuffs her panties in her cunt, mouth, and you guessed it her ass. Psycho PD surfaces in spades doing a little cigarette play, face-slapping, and trash talking. Then Im an honored guest, PD quips, getting a firm promise from Sasha that shell be back.

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Fetish party from Quebec

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She moves her hands she causes a tug on the crotch rope. So Yesenia made her strip down and spread her legs and had a finger shoved inside her pussy and her ass. We take advantage of those nipple rings and tie them up to the posture collar keeps her head up high as her tits are stretched and milked with the breast pumps. She stole one too many bottles of liquor.

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