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Not have chosen a better teacher. The wad in place and keeps Paris from making a sound as her lovely natural breasts are revealed. This lovely doll gets the shock of her life when her step-father decides to teach her a lesson. Meanwhile, Paris proves herself to be a single model star and this must be her first photo session in the professional studio!

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Haylee gets nice and horny during this session. She is becoming a pain slut who craves the most intense punishment and abuse. This fantastic update. Haylee as the dress is unzipped and her breasts are milked dry with the breast pumps. Haylee instructed her to remove her clothing she decided to teach her a very uncomfortable anal cavity search. She is tied in place for some intense nettle play. Will help straighten her out!

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It is a helpless position that leaves her open to all kinds of humiliation. PD's solution to the task at hand is ingenious to say the least. It makes the perfect point for securing a ball gag and provides a good barometer for just how intense things are going to be for her. From hair cuts to foot canings, if it pleases the members it excites her. By the end she has had her holes filled, her body debased and her wishes fulfilled.

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his hands are tied up in strapado and Xana takes great pleasure in causing her new sub pain. his balls are attached to a string with heavy weights. As one act of final humiliation Xana takes Dax's ass, spanks it until red and then fucks it with her strapon cock.

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She gets for efforts are a few stinging swats with the paddle. She squirms is second to none. We decided to test her responses to pain right away by ordering her to cover herself in clothespins, then whip them off her while drilling her about her associations with pain and humiliation. On her sexy submissive and got her under a black latex coverlet for further domination play.

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Esther together and her beautiful blue eyes are pleading for release as yet another orgasm hits. Claire had her mind set on expelling her, but Esther did have a good point. She squirms and squeals as they are nailed to an old table. He has ever had. She still wraps her arms around the Esther and kisses the soaked machine a loving thank you! She is gagged of course.

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