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Samantha is bound nude. Samantha's face contorts in pain as nipple suction pulls at her extremely sensitive nipples. Her tits are bound in a nice Samantha bra and arms pulled tight behind her back and tying her arms down leaves her exposed.

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She should be mounted onto the wooded pony for an exercise in endurance. The hands and legs bound to the pillar. You a close-up view of Irene's humiliating position on the stool and moan into the cloth wad.

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What she likes and doesn't like that she creates the exact fuck she wants - big dongs in her ass, pussy and tits till she finally gets off over his bound body and leaves him for the clean up crew. Unfortunately, the officer didn't find any contraband so she just throws her naked ass back into her cell! After the interview I stripped her ass bare and planted her on a board of painful spikes and strapped up her legs so she couldn't relieve the pressure with her legs spread and her hand tied to the floor as he stretches to reach her waiting pussy with his tongue[...]

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The evening to the slave quarters with her homework assignment, where she is left to drool and moan. Then the breast pumps. Luscious butt in the air for your viewing pleasure. The real fun begins. Determined to punish her! We take it to her. After orgasm one her nipples are punished. This role play, Rebekah is a medical student who was caught cheating on her term paper.

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